Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cricut Handbooks...

My handbook binders...
I do not know what I would do without my handbook binders!! I have a copy of all of my Cricut cartridge handbooks in them. When I'm looking for something, I do not have to go through each booklet or look on the back of each box. It saves me so much time and everything is all together in the binders. When I printed each handbook, I only printed the pages that are the actual overlay keys. I do not need all of the extra stuff that is in the booklet
(saves so much space).

Here is a picture of what one of my handbook binders looks like:

And here is what the actual pages inside look like, before I put them in sheet protectors. (the black numbers on each picture were added at a later time. I use them to easily find the overlay key that I need)

This one is 4 per page:

This one is 2 per page:

You can even print them 6 per page if you like. I use the 2 per page on the ones with alot of detail and I use the 4 per page on the others. On the solution carts I only have one page.

Want to know how to print the handbook like YOU want them?

I made a PDF tutorial on "How to print the Cricut handbooks in 8 1/2 x 11".

Click here to download the PDF file and make your own handbook binder.
Were to find the handbook files...
I've been asked, "Where are these Cricut handbooks that you are always talking about?". Well, they are available on the Cricuit website but the quality has been changed. They are no longer very clear. Linda @ Just A Scrappin' has gotten together all of the original handbooks that are high quality. Click here to get the original handbooks files from Linda.
THANK YOU, LINDA for doing this for us !!!